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ADB Eurospot

Eurospot Luminaire Range

Semi-professional series rated at 300/500W
ADB A Series

A Series Luminaire Range

Professional series rated at 300/500/650W
ADB Warp

Warp Spotlight Range

Professional axial series spotlights
Revolutionary ring control system
ADB Warp/M

Warp/M Spotlight Range

Revolutionary axial luminaire
Fully automated spotlight
ADB Europe 1kW

Europe 1.2kW Luminaire Range

High-grade professional series rated at 1000/1200W
ADB Europe 2kW

Europe 2kW Luminaire Range

High-grade professional series rated at 2000W
ADB Minou

Minou Metal Halide Spotlight Range

Professional 2000W HQI spotlights
Dual lamp capability allows conventional 5000W lamp to be used in the same housing.
ADB ALC4 Floodlight

ALC4 Cyclorama Floodlight Range

LED based fixture is the first of its kind in the world
Four advanced 40W Philips Lexel® RGB+White LED light sources
One ALC4 can deliver the equivalent of 1250W of halogen power for an actual power consumption of just 160W
Over 1 million shades of colour, including pure yellow and soft ambers
Seven pre-set white light options from 2,700°K to 6,700°K for extra ease of use
Precision optical design ensures smooth, even light output with no coloured shadows or visible pixels
Three reflector options
ADB ACP Floodlight

AC Cyclorama Floodlight Range

Professional grade floodlights for gel or glass filters, rated at 650/1000/1250W
ADB LF1000 Fill Light

Fill Light Range

Highly compact floodlights capable of accepting 625/1000/1250W linear lamps

SoftLux Cool Lights

Dimmable fluorescent light sources rated between 36-330W using 18W, 36W & 55W Lamps
ADB Svoboda

Svoboda Batten Light Curtain

Professional luminaires delivering a quasi-parallel light beam using a number of 250W lamps


ADB Archive

ADB Archive

Go to discontinued ADB luminaires
Reference information for older products
ADB T12 spotlight

T12 spotlight Moved[Discontinued]

Architectural luminaire 100W
ADB A Series A58D spotlight

A Series A58D spotlight Moved[Discontinued]

Profile spotlight from A Series range
Fixed 26° beam angle

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