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ADB TV Lighting

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ADB 5kW TV Spotlight

TV Spotlight Range

High-grade 1000/2000/5000W Studio, Compact & Bifilament spotlights
ADB Minou

Minou Metal Halide Spotlight Range

Professional 2000W HQI spotlights.
Dual lamp capability allows conventional 5000W lamp to be used in the same housing

Softlux Cool Lights

Dimmable fluorescent light sources rated between 36-330W using 18W, 36W & 55W Lamps
ADB RA2502 Softlight

Softlight Range

High-grade luminaires rated at 2500W & 5000W
ADB LF1000 Fill Light

Fill Light Range

Highly compact floodlights capable of accepting 625/1000/1250W linear lamps

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