ADB Domino: manual/memory lighting control desks

Domino 24 Domino 48
ADB Domino 24
12/24 faders
108 submasters
500 memories & 108 chasers
ADB Domino 48
24/48 faders
216 submasters
500 memories & 216 chasers

The Domino family of lighting consoles from ADB provides a range of powerful yet straight-forward and cost-effective control systems.

Whether operating in manual or in memory mode, the Domino family has been designed for uncomplicated ease of use. No submenus, no hidden button pushes all functions are presented in a clear and organised layout, utilising familiar programming and playback systems.

The Domino series offers two console sizes, providing control of 24 or 48 channels. The larger Domino/XT series allows for control of 48 or 96 channels. The Domino/XT range also gives control of up to 128 moving light instruments, as standard or as a retro-fit option.


The Domino 24 and Domino 48 are the two smallest desks in the large Domino family of fader-based lighting controllers. Both models offer manual and memory operation and are great "learning" desks for the educational, worship, rental and small theatre sectors of the market. There is enough power within to allow the advanced user to create more complex shows concurrently running multiple scenes and sequences like the Mikado but also incorporating a theatrical style cue stack with definable In and Out Time Masters.


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