ADB Domino/XT: manual/memory lighting control desks

Domino/XT 48 Domino/XT 96
ADB Domino/XT 48
24/48 faders
378 submasters
500 memories & 378 chasers
Moving light control module as standard or retrofit
ADB Domino/XT 96
48/96 faders
594 submasters
500 memories & 594 chasers
Moving light control module as standard or retrofit

The Domino family of lighting consoles from ADB provides a range of powerful yet straight-forward and cost-effective control systems.

Whether operating in manual or in memory mode, the Domino family has been designed for uncomplicated ease of use. No submenus, no hidden button pushes all functions are presented in a clear and organised layout, utilising familiar programming and playback systems.

The Domino/XT series offers two console sizes, providing control of 48 or 96 channels. The smaller Domino series allows for control of 24 or 48 channels. The Domino/XT range also gives control of up to 128 moving light instruments, as standard or as a retro-fit option.


The Domino/XT 48 and Domino/XT 96 are the larger desks in the Domino family of fader-based lighting controllers. Both models offer manual and memory operation and are great desks for the sectors of the market where a large number of dimmers need to be controlled. Operation is simple but there is enough power within to allow the advanced user to create complex shows - concurrently running scenes and sequences and incorporating a 500 step theatrical style Cue Stack.

The moving light control module, as standard or as a retrofit option, provides control of up to 128 moving lights or fixtures. The module offers a powerful effects engine and automatic fanning of fixtures, with comprehensive controls for filters, pallets, presets, cloning, groups, storing, lock home, etc. Six touch pad displayers (virtual wheels) provide parameter control and an extensive fixture library can be updated via the Web.

Both consoles provide 1 SVGA output for displaying memories, patch, texts and help menus in multiple languages, and 1 USB connector for show recording and software updates. MIDI IN/OUT connectors provide for MIDI functionality as standard.

Moving light control

The motion control module uses a touch-sensitive pad for control, providing full LTP control of fixture parameters. Six virtual wheels allow for adjusting fixture parameters and one rotary wheel gives extra fine adjustment.

The pad allows for rapid programming of even the most complex moving lights in a consistent, easy-to-use manner. All parameters are displayed in clear text, making it very easy to pre-program memories without the lights being connected. Most users find the pad system so easy to use that they are already taking advantage of the powerful effects generator and fan functions within the first 20 minutes of operation.

The versatile effects engine works across any combination of fixtures and the user can store a complete look or just the effect. Instant creation of movements and custom shapes can be achieved very easily. The large number of standard shapes and the ability to create your own custom patterns ensures that the Domino/XT takes all the hard work out of programming your show, even if you are only an occasional user.

The motion control module provides 36 groups, 96 presets, 96 pallets and 378 effects for the Domino/XT 48M , and 36 groups, 192 presets, 192 pallets and 594 effects for the Domino/XT 96M.


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