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ADN NetworkADN: Advanced Dimmer Network

The Advanced Dimmer Network (ADN) from ADB offers a new approach to dimmer system management. It allows bidirectional networking of a complete dimmer system without the need for any additional wiring, allowing system-wide remote programming of any dimmer on the network, together with remote testing, monitoring, real-time fault reporting & selective diagnostics.

ADN is a standard feature on all ADB professional level digital dimmers: Memopack, Memorack, Eurorack 60 & Eurodim 3. The ADN system is completely independent of the lighting control system, and can be used with any installation featuring the ADB dimmer systems listed above.

ADN allows system-wide remote programming of any dimmer on the network from:

  • any other dimmer on the network
  • the ADB Netbus remote dimmer controller
  • a dimmer management PC

together with remote testing, monitoring, real-time fault reporting & selective diagnostics.

The Advanced Dimmer Network uses a proprietary protocol based on an industry standard bus, which ADB also uses for dimmer management & diagnostics in airport runway and taxiway lighting systems. ADN meets the EIA-485 standard, which is also the basis for DMX512, and utilises the second data pair (pins 4&5) of the DMX512 cable.

ADN & DMX512 can be laid out in separate data cables, if desired, as ADN is completely independent of DMX512. ADN will operate in stand-alone systems without DMX control, such as architectural applications, and when the DMX signal is absent.

Remote Programming

Using ADN, any dimmer can be remotely programmed and tested from any other dimmer rack on the network. For example, dimmer laws and patch information to be changed away from the dimmer itself. This allows dimmers to be stationed in decentralised positions, near the luminaires, or in hard to reach locations (built in to sets, on trusses, under the stage, etc). This provides significant savings in set-up time and power cabling, as well as enhanced operating comfort and safety.

Real-time fault reporting (Standard)

ADN offers real-time fault reporting of all ADN dimmers on the network, including overtemperature, DMX errors, supply warnings and fan failures. These messages can be viewed on any dimmer, on a Netbus dimmer control unit, or on a PC running the ADN dimmer management software.

All ADN dimmers report the following information in real-time:

  • fan failure
  • overtemperature warning
  • overvoltage (400V wiring error, inverted Neutral & Earth)
  • missing supply phase
  • DMX errors and levels
  • presence / absence on the ADN network

Selective diagnostics (Option)

Optionally, ADN can provide additional information about individual dimmer channels. The diagnostics allow a check-up of dimmers and luminaires before a show, or a daily check of architectural systems, with the possibiity of a centralised display of results.

The Scan Loads feature will report the actual load (in kW) for every dimmer circuit, as well checking for short-circuit and open-circuit conditions. The actual measured load can be compared with a memorised reference value, allowing the detection of a lamp failure on one dimmer circuit, even when several luminaires operate on the same dimmer.

ADB Netbus Netbus dimmer controller

Netbus is a remote dimmer controller unit, which provides access to programming and test functions of any dimmer on the ADN network. It allows management of dimmer memories (back-up cues, pre-recorded states, house lights, working lights, emergency cues), and provides a system-wide overview of dimmer status information together with access to individual dimmer diagnostics functions.

Netbus can be inserted at any point on the ADN network.

Architectural Systems

The Netbus controller can be combined with remote passive push-button stations for very cost-effective solutions to highly customised requirements. Events can be triggered by the dry contact outputs of a building management system, such as IR detectors, timers, photo-electric cells, etc.

Dimmer Manager PC & software

In addition to the functions offered by Netbus, the Dimmer Manager PC provides a graphical representation of the complete dimmer system layout within a graphical user interface. System configurations can be stored per show, per venue, and off-line editing allows the complete dimmer system to be modified with dimmer parameters uploaded when completed.

The PC allows storage of dimmer parameters such as patch, dimmer laws, reference loads, library of custom dimmer laws, which can be uploaded to the system when required. The PC software includes a clock-based memory controller, providing timed automatic playback of lighting sequences.

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