ADB ALC4: LED cyclorama floodlight fixture

ADB ALC4 LED Cyclorama fixture
ALC4 LED Cyclorama fixture
Four advanced 40W Philips Lexel® RGB+White LED light sources
1250W halogen equivalent for a power consumption of just 160W
Over 1 million shades of colour, including pure yellow and soft ambers
Seven pre-set white light options from 2700°K to 6700°K for extra ease of use
Full DMX control with daisy-chain connections

ADB Lighting Technologies' first LED Cyclorama light, the modular ALC4, launched at IBC 2009, is the first cyclorama fixture of its kind in the world for TV studios and theatres.

Highly energy efficient, it employs four advanced 40W Philips Lexel® RGB+White LED light sources, allowing one ALC4 to deliver the equivalent of 1250W of halogen power for an actual power consumption of just 160W.

Capable of providing over 1 million shades of colour, including pure yellow and soft ambers, for extra ease of use the ALC4 provides seven user-selectable white light presets from 2700°K to Daylight 6500°K. The Lexel LED module is colour-tuneable (RGBW) and the light is mixed in a mixing chamber. This results in a perfectly homogeneous light output from the module, eliminating coloured shadows or separately visible colours.

Furthermore, due to an internal feedback system, the module offers an extraordinary colour consistency. It will hit the exact colour desired - and stay there - at any time. The colour consistency between different units is particularly valuable when using several of them together.

For maximum flexibility, the system can be controlled by DMX in different modes. In particular, it can be operated in a colour-tuneable RGB mode, or in a white-tuneable CCT mode. In the CCT mode, the white colour temperature can be accurately controlled from 2700°K to 6500°K. The colour rendering index (CRI) is above 80.

Both XLR-5 (DMX) and Powercon (220V) in and through connectors are provided for easy daisy-chaining. The ALC-4 provides a smooth, flicker-free output with no colour or white changes when dimmed, allowing easy creation of both smooth background illumination or effects.

A modular reinforced aluminium housing, in a corrosion free black powder-coated finish, accommodates a choice of three high brilliance aluminium reflector options, including the standard asymmetrical type, allowing the fixture to be used not only for cyclorama lighting but for fill lights and washes as well.

The cool-running ALC4 can be floor mounted or hung.

The ADB ALC4 LED fixture can be simply controlled by any DMX512 control system and is ideal for both theatres and TV studios.


Launched at IBC 2009 in Amsterdam.

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