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ADB Eurodim Twin Tech hybrid dimmer racks

ADB Eurodim Twin Tech EurodimTT Data Sheet
[PDF: 755kB]

Eurodim Twin Tech provides the best of both dimming worlds by allowing Sine Wave dimmer modules to be freely mixed with cost-efficient Thyristor dimmer modules in a single cabinet.

Mixable in any proportion up to 128 x 3 kW or 96 x 5 kW channels, divided into 32 plug-in modules, each module has a 63A supply protection for optimum safety. ADB's R&D team made this possible through the development of a unique new Assisted Ventilation system that provides high efficiency cooling and ensures continuous and reliable operation up to the nominal power of 600A per cabinet.

Reference Information

Mechanical Specifications
Dimension Standard Cabinet Plug in Module     Technical Drawings
Height 199954 mm (in)
Width 990482 mm (in)
Depth 596375 mm (in)
Weight n/an/a kg (lb)

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