ADB Mikapack 15: portable/installation dimmer pack

ADB Mikapack 15 Data Sheet
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User Manual
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The ADB Mikapack 15 is a 6-channel compact portable dimmer built in a 19" rack only 2 Units high. The weight of the dimmer unit is only 10.3kg.

For stand alone applications, up to 16 lighting cues and 6 factory pre-programmed chasers with 6 different intensity levels are available. The Mikapack can be used for applications where an extra control desk may not be applicable. The memories are easily programmed on the user interface of the dimmer, or the DMX values can be recorded on the fly.

Reference Information

Mechanical Specifications
Dimension Mikapack 15     Technical Drawings
Height 88 mm (in)
Width 440 mm (in)
Depth 355 mm (in)
Weight 10.3 kg (lb)

Order Codes
Product Reference Part No
Mikapack 15 6x 3 kW - single NF/CEBEC sockets MIK15/63M/C  
Mikapack 15 6x 3 kW - single Schuko sockets MIK15/63M/D  
Mikapack 15 6x 3 kW - screw-on terminal strip MIK15/63M  
Mikapack 15 6x 3 kW - single CEE16 A (P17) sockets MIK15/63M/CEE  
Mikapack 15 6x 3 kW - single Swiss sockets MIK15/63M/H  
Mikapack 15 6x 3 kW - single UK 15A sockets MIK15/63M/UK  
Accessories Reference Part No
Carry handle for Mikapack 15 PORT/MIKA15 
4 rubber feet for Mikapack 15 FEET/MIKA15 
Rear support kit for 19" rackmount of Mikapack 15 KIT/FIX/BACK/MIK15 
Truss clamp kit for Mikapack 15 KIT/CLAMP/MIKA15 

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