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ISIS Software Tips & Tricks

This page provides a number of tips that can make life easier, quicker, or just more exciting! Most can be found in the ISIS Software User Manual, but they are grouped here for reference.

If you have an ISIS tip, the webweaver so we can share it with other operators!

General  Direct access to dialogue boxes...

Jump directly to dialogue boxes by holding <MENU> and typing in the dialogue box number.

Activate just a single instrument parameter...

A single instrument parameter can be activated, even if the group is not active, by holding <SHIFT> and turning the required encoder wheel.

For systems with no encoders...

On systems with no on-board encoders, the wheel can be assigned to parameters by pressing <ALT>+<PARAM> and reassigned to intensity with the same keystrokes.

Stop a running chase or effect...

Running chasers or effects can be stopped by pressing <SHIFT>+<FLASH>, even if the flashkey is assigned to another function.

Using 'fine' mode for 16bit parameters...

16bit parameters that have a coarse resolution set in the instrument's definition can be controlled in fine mode by holding <ALT> when turning the encoder wheel.

Quickly adjusting the touchscreen contrast...

The LCD touchscreen contrast can be adjusted directly by holding <ALT> and using the wheel.

Finding a parameter's Source Field...

The field contributing each instrument parameter value can be seen by pressing <F5 {Prm Src}> in parameter display mode.

Fitting a show onto fewer floppy discs...

Show files saved to floppy will take up fewer disks if the recoverable memory & group list is deleted first.

Use the keyboard...

All functions and levels can be controlled from the alphanumeric keyboard (PDF file: 80kB).

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