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Ethernet Products | Handheld Testers | Portable Interface | Rack-mount Interface | Software | Luminaires | Lighting Control | Motion Control | Accessories

Artistic Licence design and manufacture interface, test and control equipment. They are specialists in DMX512 & Ethernet network products.

More details on each group of products can be found by selecting the relevant area title or image or from the above links.

Ethernet Products
Ethernet communication techniques are becoming increasingly common in lighting systems, where they can be used to distribute large amounts of data over a wide area.

The ArtNet protocol, developed by Artistic Licence, is the most common ethernet protocol for lighting networks, and is supported by ADB lighting desks.

Handheld Testers
The use of DMX512 and MIDI has expanded far beyond simple connections between a handful of items. Complex set-ups can create equally complex control problems, making analysis more difficult when there is a problem.

Artistic Licence portable testers make fault-finding and control easier. No technician should be without one!

Portable Interface
Artistic Licence portable interface products are intended for use in situations where the equipment is not to be installed, such as a temporary DMX network for a particular event, or where they need to be moved around.

Despite being portable, each product is rugged enough to withstand the usual treatment given to it.

Rack-mount Interface
Artistic Licence manufacture a range of rack-mount products, aimed at the interface, distribution, and management of control signals.

These products neatly solve interface or signal distribution problems, both of which are commonplace in today's industries.

A number of software applications are available from Artisitic Licence, allowing the control of a lighting system from a PC. This avoids the need of a dedicated lighting control desk.

To allow the PC to communicate with the dimming systems and other intelligent fittings, a small interface unit translates data to the DMX512 standard.

Artistic Licence offer a range of luminaires based on multi-colour LED technology.

LED lighting provides numerous benefits including an estimated 10 year lamp life and very low power consumption.

Lighting Control
A selection of lighting controllers from the simplicity of Preset-6 to the software-based Colour-Tramp and Grand-Master Flash!

Also includes the new Light-Switch and Dimmer-Switch products - wall-mount (UK double-gang) panels featuring control and replay of a full DMX512 universe.

Motion Control
Motion control solutions from chain hoist to animatronics.

A number of product accessories, and spare or replacement parts - such as power supplies.

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