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Theatre Luminaires | Dimming Systems | Architectural Luminaires

CCT Lighting manufacture a full range of luminaires and distributed dimming systems.

Theatrical spotlights include the popular Minuette, Freedom, Starlette, and Silhouette products. Architectural luminaires are provided by the Mini and Helios series.

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Theatre Luminaires
CCT offer a range of luminaires, from 300W through to 2500W.

The Silhouette range of profiles is complemented by the Starlette range of fresnels, PCs and floodlights.An optical effects projector is also available from the same series.

The newer Freedom range of axial profiles are also popular.
Theatre Luminaires

Dimming Systems
CCT offer a unique system for the control and dimming of theatre luminaires: mounting the dimmer unit on each spotlight. This means no more dimmer room and radial wiring - all you need is a standard power supply to each luminaire.

In addition, a radio-controlled wireless lighting system is available - meaning that a DMX link to each dimmer is not required!
Dimming Systems

Architectural Luminaires
CCT offer a range of Helios architectural luminaires, based on the Minuette range of profiles and fresnel. Utilising external control gear, the Helios metal halide discharge lamp is rated at 70W or 150W.

Also available are MSR discharge versions of the popular Starlette and Silhouette spotlights, both with integral ballast and rated at 575W.
Architectural Luminaires

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