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Welcome to the technical reference pages, where a range of useful information and formulae has been collected together.

Due to the amount of information contained here, the pages have been organised into categories to help you locate the information you need.
For more general information, see the Technical FAQ section, which contains a basic introduction to technical areas.

Click on the section headings below to go to the appropriate areas.

Regulations & Safety information

Information relating to safety and applicable regulations

HSE documents | PAT | Safety bonds | Hoists | Pyrotechnics | Strobe lighting | IP Ratings

Technical FAQs

Basic information relating to the entertainment and performance industries

Lighting | Control | Ethernet | Electricity | Special Effects | Sound

Formulae & Conversion data

Useful conversion information

Trigonometric | Electrical | Conversion

Electrical related

Electrical information

Formulae | Cable types | Connectors

DMX information

Reference information regarding DMX

Instrument DMX channel allocations

Optical related

Useful optical reference data

Beam angles | Projection | Gobos | Animation Discs | Luminaire Reference

PC related

Useful PC reference data and procedures

Windows hotkeys | Right-click problems


Other reference information

Zarges ladders | 19" equipment specs | Miscellaneous support

Some useful information

Product codes | General utilities | Strand Showport | Other

See also:

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