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ADB Products
Theatre Luminaires | Lighting Control Desks | Dimming Systems | Networking Systems & Equipment | Interface Equipment | TV Luminaires | TV Suspension Systems | Colour Changers

ADB manufacture a wide range of luminaires, lighting control desks, dimming systems, and interface equipment, designed for theatre, TV, film, presentation, and entertainment applications.

Below is the ADB range of products. More details can be found by selecting the relevant title or image, or selecting a link above.

Theatre Luminaires
ADB Theatre Luminaires are built to the highest standards and incorporate superior optic design, providing a bright and robust range of tools to the user.

Each luminaire provides scope for a number of lamp types to be used, giving an extremely flexible lighting instrument.

Theatre Luminaires

Lighting Control Desks
ADB Lighting Control Desks range from simple through to the highest-end systems, each of which is intuitive to learn and use.

The high-end desks utilise the same evolutionary software, integrating colour and motion facilities to the conventional operating functions.
Lighting Control Desks

Dimming Systems
ADB Dimmers are widely regarded as the best available. They claim the World's first fully digital installation dimmer, Eurodim I, which was released in 1989. This was soon followed by a range of fixed & portable dimming systems.

Common hardware 'building blocks' provide easy maintenence and identical functionality for all dimmers.
Dimming Systems

Networking Systems & Equipment
ADB offer a number of networking solutions for the control and management of lighting systems.

ADB Ethernet Systems utilise the Art-Net protocol and provides lighting control data across the network.
The Advanced Dimmer Network (ADN) provides control of Dimmer facilities utilising the exisiting DMX cable.

Interface Equipment
ADB offer a range of devices for interfacing and testing lighting control equipment.

Converting signals from one protocol to another, as well as merging two data streams, can be performed easily - as can demultiplexing digital signals for use by older analogue dimming equipment.
Interface Equipment

TV Lighting
ADB has equipped TV studios in more than 50 countries worldwide. An extensive range of studio lighting equipment is available, including luminaires and rigging hardware.

TV Luminares can be fitted with pole operation for pan, tilt & focus and offer impeccable distribution of light.
Studio and TV lighting

TV Suspension Systems
ADB can supply a wide range of suspension solutions for small, medium size and large TV production studios.

Products include friction & pole operated pantographs, motorised hoists and telescopes providing easy access and safe operation of TV lighting fixtures.
TV rigging and suspension systems

Colour Changers
ADB offer a digital scroller colour changer, which is extremely quiet in comparison to conventional scrollers. Ease of use and reliability provide additional benefit to all users.

A trichromatic colour generator covering the whole spectrum is an alternative silent system for any ADB spotlight, which includes an optical dimmer & difuser mechanism.
Colour changers

You may also wish to visit the ADB Archive section of the website.

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