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DHA Lighting Animation System

DHA Animation System
DHA Animation System
Fitted to ETC Source 4 profile

The Animation System creates moving images based upon a static gobo in a standard profile lantern. Essentially, the projection of a static gobo is interrupted by the continuous out-of-focus movement of another image.

The effect can be by simply changing the gobo and/or the animation disc. The Animation Unit is mounted in the colour runners at the front of a luminaire, leaving the gate free to hold the chosen gobo.

The quality of the effect can be changed considerably by changing the focus of the spotlight, and also the orientation and speed of movement. It is also possible to use the Animation Units on non-profile spotlights, where a more direct image of the disc is projected.
For more information, see our guide: Using the DHA Animation System.

System Components

An Animation Unit consists of a morised drive (Animation Motor Unit, or AMU), which fits in to the colour runners of the lantern, and an etched metal disc (Animation Disc), which fits onto the motor unit and is rotated in front of the lens. All AMU drives are varispeed, and require a DHA Controller in order to operate.

With a gobo in the gate of the lantern, the pattern of holes on the animation disc interacts with the optics of the lantern giving the impression that the image is moving. The effect achieved is a directional rippling or shimmering of the gobo image. The quality of this motion is controlled by the pattern, speed and direction of the disc and the focus of the lantern.

Animation Motor Units (AMUs) are available in a variety of sizes to fit most popular lanterns, from MR16 mini parcans to 2.5kW profile spots. To complement these drive units, the 12 standard animation discs are available in five sizes.

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