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New Hathor control platform
New ISISPLUS personality files
New ADB Warp/M personality files

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Thanks for dropping by! aims to provide an online resource for technicians and operators within the theatre, TV, and entertainment industries. The website was founded in 2006, based on experience gained since 1997, provides a repository of general technical reference information, and specialises in the product range of ADB Lighting Technologies. aspires to be the online resource for ADB Phoenix and ADB Mentor lighting control platforms, running ADB ISIS software. Please use our on-line Helpdesk for support and rapid answers to operational questions.

This site used to use 'frames' to display the page content, but has been redesigned as single pages for better performance, and offering the possibility to bookmark any page. As is the way with technology, no sooner had this site neared 'completion', the html language used for creating the page layout has been deemed old-school!

We aim to introduce a new system in the future, with enhanced accessibility support and streamlined pages for better use with mobile devices. This should provide easier access when trying to find useful information via your mobile, whilst hanging on to a ladder with one hand!

Thanks for your patience!