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Software | DMX Interface | Connectivity | Support & Reference

Capture software   Capture 2005 logo   Capture software
Capture 2005 software
New reworked interface
  Capture 2005 software
Multi-language support

Capture is a lighting design software for Windows, created by Capture Sweden, focusing on the creative design and documentation stages of the process. Capture allows you to work in realtime with all objects without the need to switch modes or applications, allowing for maximum flexibility and creativity.

The new Capture 2005 software is a follow up on the previous product Capture 3.0, which has earned a lot of respect. A large part of the original application has been reconstructed and the software now brings a host of new and exciting features!

Capture has been designed to be simple to use - and yet extremely powerful. It also offers one of the best live visualisers available on the market. With its low price, it is the choice that will give you the most value for your money!

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Capture 2005 software
Quite simply the best visualiser in the world! The new Capture 2005 software is even better!

Capture is a 2D/3D CAD lighting design software, aimed at lighting professionals, extremely easy to use and with great facilities.
The live visualiser is fast and extremely realistic. The software also benefits from a great low price! Download a demo version now!
--> Capture software

DMX input interfaces
To use Capture software to visualise live DMX data, either from a console or from PC control software, it is necessary to interface this DMX output to the PC running the Capture visualiser.

Capture market their own USB DMX Boxes for connecting DMX input data to the visualiser PC, and Enlightenment recommend the EntTec USB products.
--> DMX input interfaces

Capture software connectivity
Capture interfaces to supported third-party products for DMX input from a lighting console or control software.

Alternatively, it is possible to connect supported lighting consoles directly to Capture using Ethernet.

Find more information here!
--> Capture software connectivity

Capture support & reference
Capture software is an advanced CAD software and visualiser for lighting professionals. As such, there are many features that may require introduction to the new user.

Find more reference information, a list of supported luminanires and intelligent fixtures, and answers to common questions here!
--> Capture support & reference

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