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Welcome to the bar!

I'll have two of those please, barman... Duvel: Belgian Ale
A World famous strong golden beer from the Moortgat brewery. Triple fermentation technique produces an unusual strong golden beer, that looks like a lager, but is top fermented and tastes like a fine ale.

Must be served chilled for best effect, and poured slowly into a goblet style of glass.
8.5% ABV

and a couple of those... Stella Artois: Belgian Pilsner
Famous Belgian pilsner which goes well with most foods. Well carbonated: a good quaffing beer.

The 33cl bottle is imported from Belgium.

Stella Artois
5.2% ABV

oh, why not try them all Chimay Red: Belgian Ale
The best known of the Belgium Trappist Ales, and the largest producer. Bottle fermented, first brewed in 1861, and now internationally famous.

The Red is a beer to be savoured: dark red and full bodied.
Chimay Red
7.0% ABV

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