ADB Timeline

NOTE: Timeline to be completed and updated ...

ADB founded
Adrien de Backer started as a manufacturer of electrical equipment in Belgium.
ADB produce theatrical equipment
ADB successfully manufactured rheostat control equipment and Luminaires
Airfield Division created
Development of ADB Airfield operations due to increased air traffic - the new means of transportation following the war.
Siemens take control at ADB
ADB acquired by Siemens AG

January 1990
Jan 1990
ADB ES28 control system installed in Iceland
City Theatre Reykjavik takes delivery of ES28 and SVOBODA light curtains
February 1990
Jan 1990
Eurodim introduced
First generation of ADB 'Digital plug-in Dimmer Drawers' (DDD)
May 1990
Jan 1990
Tenor introduced
First shown at SIB/Magis Show
November 1990
Jan 1990
ADB UK Office established
ADB announce that Russell Dunsire formally of Strand Lighting is to head up the new office

March 1991
Jan 1990
Cantor Introduced
First shown at Siel 91 Show

March 1992
Jan 1990
Bolero, Tango, Eurodim 2, Demux 24/48/60, Multipro and Data Booster
A plethora of new products is launched at Siel 92
April 1992
Jan 1990
Europe 1kW Condenser Profile Series previewed
First showing of ADB Europe 1kW series at the ABTT Show 92
June 1992
Jan 1990
ADB lighting products installed throughout including new Cantor control desk

March 1993
Jan 1990
Europe 2kW Condenser Profile Series launched
204 series is first shown at Siel 93
News also arrives that 2000 of the Europe 104 series have been sold to date

March 1994
Jan 1990
Vision 10, Micropack, Memopack, Eurorack and Eurospot launched
A further strengthening of the product range is shown at Siel 94
April 1994
Jan 1990
ADB complete their TV 'Showpiece' in Brussels
Tango, Tenor, Vision 10 and Eurodim 2 with full compliment of Studio Fresnels, Softlights and Euorpe Profiles is installed in VTM Studios
May 1994
Jan 1990
ADB complete Grand Theatre, Ghent installation
Equipment includes S28 control, Eurodim 2 and Europe series Profiles
First showing of Vision 10 control system in UK
ADB's new flagship control system the Vision 10 is shown at ABTT Show 94
June 1994
Jan 1990
Europe 2kW Condenser Profile Series installed in UK
Glyndebourne Opera House
September 1994
Jan 1990
Vision 10 shown at PLASA 94 Show
Finally ADB has a serious alternative the Strand 430!

January 1995
Jan 1990
ADB luminaries are specified by DHA for European Theatre Production
Miss Saigon, Stuttgart
March 1995
Jan 1990
ADB purchase Emil Niethammer GmbH
September 1995
Jan 1990
Vision 10 gaining new ground!
ADB announce at PLASA 95 that over fifty Vision 10 control systems have been delivered since its launch in 1994.

March 1996
Jan 1990
Europe 105 and 205 Series Profiles launched
ADB show new range of Europe series profile spotlights which have a 40% increase in efficiency compared to the previous 104 and 204 series!
April 1996
Jan 1990
ADB equipment specified for Wembley Conference Centre
Installation project managed by ADB UK includes Two Vision 10 control systems, Eurodim 2 digital dimmers and Gelbus colour changers.
May 1996
Jan 1990
Further installation of the Vision 10 control system in UK
Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough take delivery of a Vision 10 control system with tracking back-up and Eurorack digital dimmers.
September 1996
Jan 1990
Vision 10 Motion Control Module introduced
First showing of the Vision 10 Motion Control Module at PLASA 96 Show.
October 1996
Jan 1990
Vision 10 and Eurodim 2 installed at Bridgewater Concert Hall Manchester
A further Vision 10 is added to the growing UK user base together with 450 ways of Eurodim and 240 ways of Eurorack digital dimmers!

1997 onwards
Present Day
To be continued


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