ADB Hathor: memory lighting control desks

ADB Hathor
ADB Hathor
Advanced lighting control desk

Preliminary information

The world premier of the new ADB Lighting control system was presented at Pro Light and Sound 2010 in Frankfurt.

Based on the software package code-named “Hathor” and a concept hardware platform, the software interfaces with a variety of different hardware devices and platforms:

Features and Specifications of Hathor control desk systems

The new control desks will be designed to support a large range of multiple interconnection protocols such as CAN (including streaming) RDM, DMX, ArtNet II and more to be compatible with future equipment.

The number of channels and outputs is virtually unlimited, and restricted only by the power of computing devices, as well as adding some more advanced features. The concept will controls all kinds of lighting; conventional, moving light, LEDs, video (LED and Video not yet implement for PL&S)

Key operational features specified and included in the software

Key technical features of the prototype control desk

Additional features

ADB Hathor


Previewed at Prolight & Sound (PL&S), March 24-27 2010.

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