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ISISplus: The next generation

ISISPLUS is a new software based on the same philosophy and syntax as the standard ISIS software. ISISPLUS includes many new, smart and powerful functions which make life easier and more exciting for the novice and power-user alike.

An overview of key new functions is given in the sections below.

ISISPLUS in the conventional lighting environment 

The standard ISIS software has proven its strengths and stability to a large number of users since it was introduced in 1998. Now, ISISPLUS brings a range of new functions with even more direct access and greater comfort for the operator.

Learn Profile

The Learn Profile function allows the operation of faders and keys to be recorded in real time. However, Learn Profile is more than a facility for creating artistic crossfades: it gives the designer the opportunity to create learn profiles using all functional possibilities of the desk.

Intelligent Link

With this function, ISISPLUS becomes a very friendly lighting software for creating complicated playback lists. Any user can, with the link function, create the most complex of lighting scenarios, all replayed by using the <GO> key.

Macro Assign

Any standard function or macro can be assigned to any key on the lighting desk.

Live Crossfade

When adding or removing one or more channels from a running crossfade, the channels will fade with the crossfade - they will not jump. (Although a jump function is possible if required.)


Powerful functions allow the most complex crossfades to be created. This is very useful for programming large shows.


The boundless macro editor allows the user to change any detail in a macro. The macro functions are unbeatable in combination with the Learn Profile functions


A large variety of user defined screens can be configured. For the 'Single User' screen, it is possible to get 'working field intensities', 'working field parameters', 'output' & 'submaster contents'.


ISISPLUS in the moving light environment 

ISISPLUS provides even more functionality for the moving light operator, giving even greater levels of control over moving lights and colour scrollers.

Effect Generator

The Effect Generator is more than a gimmick: it is a real engine which allows the operator to create a show with moving light effects without renting a second console. Creating effects with the Effect Generator is very easy, and as simple as making a general effect with ISIS.

Motion Control Library (MCLib) Editor

The MCLib editor allows the operator to change any part of a single - or a group of - motion control libraries. This is achieved using the same logic as the Memory Editor.

Direct Load MCLib

Direct and quick access to the preset focuses is provided. With only one push on the right MCLib, a preset is loaded.


With this feature, inverting moving heads becomes very simple.

Touch Screen Functions

New instant-access buttons have been added to the LCD touchscreen. For example, a new 'direct wheel selection' button makes plotting moving lights faster than ever before.

Submaster X-Fade for Parameters

The smart submaster fading for moving lights is a vital feature for live performance.


ISISPLUS in the ADB Ethernet environment 

The ISIS plug-and-play Ethernet network is known as stable and sound. ISISPLUS enhances it with more multi-user functions and integration for simulators.

Ethernet subnet consoles

On the ADB network, any console can be master or slave.

Broadcast and point-to-point

With this choice, networking is optimised for each application.

Additional slave

A backup function for the Slave desk is provided.

Visual simulators

The ADB Network allows the operator to select which simulator is preferred (WYSIWYG, Show Designer, ...).

Freedom of nodes

ISISPLUS uses the ArtNet protocol for ethernet communications. Any node based on ArtNet can be used in the network.

Up to 16 DMX universes

16 universes are available across the ADB network (more on request).

Up to 6144 channels

Control of up to 6144 channels is possible (more on request).


Ethernet interface to visual simulators is supported


ISISPLUS in the World 

Custom languages

Standard ISISPLUS is available in seven languages. The ISIS Translator utility, a standard tool in ISISPLUS, allows the operator to create a further custom language.

Internet support

New software versions, important information about ISISPLUS, new fixture definitions and much more will be available direct from the special Internet ISIS Support Site.

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