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ADB Mentor & Mentor/XT lighting control desks: memory operation

ADB Mentor Mentor Data Sheet
[PDF: 1,113kB]
Mentor XT Data Sheet
[PDF: 473kB]

Mentor is available in 120, 240, 360 or 512 control channels; Mentor/XT is available in 512, 1024, or 2048 control channels. Both consoles offer 2 universes (1024 DMX output addresses) of direct DMX512 output, plus up to 16 universes (8192 addresses) via Ethernet.

Mentor and Mentor/XT are all-in-one, portable systems, ideal for touring or for applications where the lighting desk is frequently moved. The desk does not require an external monitor, as all output information and other data is displayed via the on-board touch-screen. SVGA monitor output(s) are provided, should an external monitor be preferred.

Reference Information

Mechanical Specifications
Dimension Mentor Mentor/XT     Technical Drawings
Height 130130 mm (in)
Width 7801225 mm (in)
Depth 475475 mm (in)
Weight 9.015.0 kg (lb)

Technical Specifications
Electrical Mentor Mentor/XT
Power Supply 230 ±15% VAC 50/60 Hz90 -264 VAC 50/60 Hz
Power Connection IEC320 C14
Consumption @ 230 VAC 0.4 ATBC
Power Output no
Desklight yes [max 2 via USB]yes [2 XLR3F plus USB]
Operation Mentor Mentor/XT
Channel control 120/240/360/512512/1024/2048
DMX output 16 universes - 8192 channels
DMX input 4 universes - 2048 channels
Submasters (software) 96 active plus 99 banks of 12
Submasters (hardware) 24 plus optional wings48 plus optional wings/modules
Playback 1 plus 1 virtual
Groups 999
Total memories 9999
Memory numbering 0.1 to 999.9
Macros 999
Chasers 99 chasers with up to 99 steps each
Effects 99 effects with 20 pre-defined effect patterns
Effect Generator yes with >30 pre-defined effect patterns
Preset Focus Libraries 999 each with Focus/Beam/Colour/Diverse
Soft patch Upto 8192 dimmers with individual dimmer law allocation
Data Input/Output Mentor Mentor/XT
DMX512 Output 2 [XLR5F] plus Ethernet [RJ45]
DMX512 Input 1 [XLR5M] plus Ethernet [RJ45]
Analogue Outputno
Ethernet yes [RJ45]
MIDI yes: in/out/thru []
SMPTE Input no
Audio Input yes [XLR3F]
Other Ports Mentor Mentor/XT
SVGA Output 1 [Dsub15HDF] plus Ethernet [RJ45]1 (2/4) [Dsub15HDF] plus Ethernet [RJ45]
Keyboard Port 1 [PS/2]
Mouse Port 1 [PS/2]
Serial RS-232 1 [Dsub25F]
Parallel Printer Port1 [Dsub25F]
Riggers Control Port 4 IR remote [locking DIN7F]
Remote Bus 8 external lines [Dsub9F]
Synchro via Ethernet
Other Extension wings [Dsub15F]
USB 2.0 2
Miscellaneous Mentor Mentor/XT
Storage 1 Internal HDD
Storage 2 Internal 3½" floppy diskExternal 3½" floppy disk
Storage 3 (USB memory stick)
() Brackets indicate optional quantities.

Order Codes
Product Reference Part No
Mentor 120 MENTOR/120-
Mentor 240 MENTOR/240-
Mentor 360 MENTOR/360-
Mentor 512 MENTOR/512-
Mentor/XT 512 MENTOR/XT/512-
Mentor/XT 1024 MENTOR/XT/1024-
Mentor/XT 2048 MENTOR/XT/2048-
Options Reference Part No
Additional 120 channels 120CH/UP/M-
Additional 512 channels 512CH/P-
Submaster Extension Wing SUB24/EXT/M-
Submaster Extension Module for Mentor/XT SUB24/EXT/MXT-
2 SVGA Outputs for Mentor/XT 2SVGA/MXT-
4 SVGA Outputs for Mentor/XT 4SVGA/MXT-
WiFi Remote Control system WIFI/FULL/M-
WiFi additional access point WIFI/REC/M-
WiFi software only WIFI/SOFT/M-
HF Remote Control system HF/FULL-
Video/Node with supply cable VIDEONODE-
Accessories Reference Part No
USB desklamp for Mentor WORKLITE/M-
XLR3 desklamp for Mentor/XT WORKLITE/XLR3-
External USB CD-RW CDRW/M-
Wireless trackball for Mentor TB/M-
Flightbag for Mentor BAG/M-
Flightcase for Mentor FLY/M-
Flightcase for Mentor/XT FLY/MXT-
Flightcase for Extension Wing FLY/SUB24/M-
Flightcase for Extension Module FLY/SUB24/MXT-
USB memory stick FLASHMEM-
MIDI cable C.MIDI/M-
SVGA 15" LCD/TFT monitor LCD/P-
SVGA 17" LCD/TFT monitor LCD17-
SVGA 17" LCD/TFT monitor with telescopeLCD17/P-
External lines switch PUP/EXT/LIN1105.34.060
25pin Dsub plug for RS232 DB25-M6117.47.012
9pin Dsub plug for external lines DE09M/CP6117.27.015
5pin XLR plug for DMX512 cable XLR5-M6117.15.11

Supplied with

  • 1 power supply cable
  • 1 alphanumeric keyboard
  • 1 external floppy disk drive (Mentor/XT)
  • 1 dust protection cover
  • 1 user manual

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