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Capture software System Requirements

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Minimum requirements

Supported operating systems are Windows 2000 and Windows XP and we recommend at least 256 MB or RAM. The Capture installation consumes less than 100 MB of hard disk storage.

Performance systems

For high performance systems we recommend at least 512 MB or RAM and a 3.0 GHz CPU or better. The choice of graphics card is vital. We recommend NVidia-based graphics cards, such as the N5200, N5700, N6600 or N6800. A three button mouse with a clickable scrollwheel also improves the experience.


Be careful with ATI-based graphics card because their drivers fail to support multithreaded OpenGL in a proper way! Using ATI's drivers from August 2004 can help if you experience instability in your ATI-based system. ATI have confirmed this issue and are commited to releasing corrected drivers in the near future (scheduled for August - September 2005). Please the webweaver for further details.

System requirements for Capture 3.0 

Note that, whilst it has been superceded by the new Capture 2005 software, Capture 3.0 is still available for download and use. Capture 3.0 has different requirements, as specified below.

  • Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
  • 700+ MHz processor & 128+ MB memory
  • A good 3D accelerator graphics card

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