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CCT Lighting Luminaires

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CCT Minuette Series

Minuette Luminaire Range

Semi-profesional series rated at 300/500/650W
Ideal for small to medium stages
CCT Freedom Series

Freedom 2000 Luminaire Range

Professional range of zoom & fixed-beam profile spotlights
Choice of 600/800W axial / 650W condenser / 150W HSD discharge sources
Complemented by Freedom Fresnel and PC spotlights
Optional plug-in dimmer modules
CCT Starlette Series

Starlette Luminaire Range

Professional series of fresnel & PC spots and floodlights
Rated at 1000/1200W, 2000W & 2500W
Designed to complement the Silhouette range of profile spotlights
CCT Starlette Effect Projector

Starlette Effects Projector [Discontinued]

Professional effect projector
Rated at 2000/2500W
Ideal for use with the VSFX range of optical effects
CCT Turbo Silhouette Series

Turbo Silhouette 1200W Luminaire Range

Professional series of profile spotlights
Rated at 1000/1200W
CCT Silhouette Series

Silhouette 2000/2500W Luminaire Range

Professional series of profile spotlights
Rated at 2000/2500W

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