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Light Relief

Using the DHA Lighting Animation System

AMU EffectThe quality of the effect can be varied greatly by changing the focus of the spotlight, and the orientation and speed of the drive unit. The combinations of gobo, animation disc, focus and direction are almost limitless.

It is strongly recommended to experiment with the parameters to see what effects can be achieved, prior to focussing for a performance.

Choice of gobo

The gobo is the basis of the moving image and should be chosen first. It is worth noting, however, that useful and interesting effects can often be achieved with the most unlikely gobos and it is worth experimenting with several different images.


With the gobo in hard focus animation barely works, movement is minimal, and results will almost always be disappointing. When the image is extremely defocussed however, greatest movement is seen but the gobo pattern is lost. It is essential therefore to experiment with the focus in order to achieve the best effect. The precise quality of the result, and the impression of the motion's direction, will also depend upon which side of 'hard focus' the spotlight is set.

Disc pattern

Animation discs are available in 12 standard designs which give a wide variety of effects.

Direction and orientation

the animation unit can usually be mounted with the disc spindle either above or to the side of the lens tube. With the spindle above the lens tube the movement will be side-to-side and, wit hthe spindle at the side, movement will be up-and-down. The perceived image movement reverses on the opposites sides of the 'hard focus' point. All DHA animation motors are reversible to facilitate full control over the direction of motion.


the apparent speed of image movement depends not only on the disc rotation speed, but on the complexity of both the gobo and the disc patterns and, to some extent, the type of luminaire used. Speeds should be modified to achieve differing effects.


Coloured filter can be held in place by etched tabs in the animation discs themselves, or fixed with scroller tape, in strips or patches to produce changing colours. This works best with narrow strips. Using split colour in the frame of the spotlight can also produce a more rapid impression of changing colours.

Use in non-profile spotlights

The animation system can be used with parcans (including MR16 mini parcans, or "Birdies"), fresnel and PC lanterns. These will generally give a more direct image of the disc pattern and often a much wider degree of cover. the results will depend on th eoptics of the spotlight, but can be very effective. It is worth experimenting with different lens or lamp types, and using a light frost in the colour frame.

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