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Niethammer TH Spotlights: 1000W - 2500W

Niethammer HPZ 112D Spotlight

Niethammer HPZ 215D Spotlight

Niethammer HPZ 2511D Spotlight

HPZ 112D
1000/1200W Zoom Profile Spotlight
HPZ 215D
2000W Zoom Profile Spotlight
HPZ 2511D
2500W Zoom Profile Spotlight

The Niethammer series professional spotlight with condenser lens satisfies the high requirements placed by lighting designers on lighting technology in the theatre, film and television studios.

The current series has many new mechanical and optical features, conferring higher luminous effciency and extending the range of use. The Tungsten Halogen zoom profile series comprises three discrete power ranges.

In the 2000W model, the D version features a low-noise fan, wheras the X version operates completely silently with cold light reflector and no fan.

The general use of high-quality optical lenses with broadband anti-reflex coating in conjunction with an effective cold light reflector leads to a high efficiency, a uniform light distribution and a unique quality of projection. The zoom lens guide with Teflon bearings enables the focal distance to be adjusted with ease and focusing is by menas of a zoom scale.

The form and section of the light beam are conveniently adjusted by means of a quad aperture slide, iris diaphragm and insert for A-Size gobos. A "PC"-like light is obtained by mounting a glass diffuser on the zoom lens mounting.

The spotlight can be securely locked at any inclanation angle in the mounting bracket and colour filters and other devices, such as colour scrollers, may be inserted in the stable colour frame cassette to DIN 15560.

The combination of expert mechanical design and robust modular construction, using precision high-tech sheet forming techniques, followed by an anti-corrosion treatment of all metal parts, guarantees a very long service life.

The complete TH range of Niethammer spotlights are listed below.

TypePowerBeam Angle
HPZ 112 D1000/1200W12 - 24 degree
HPZ 115 D1000/1200W15 - 38 degree
HPZ 211 D2000W11 - 22 degree
HPZ 211 X2000W11 - 22 degree
HPZ 215 D2000W15 - 40 degree
HPZ 215 X2000W15 - 40 degree
HPZ 2511 D2500W11 - 22 degree
HPZ 2515 D2500W15 - 40 degree

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