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Version History

Release v2.1 - First upload: Jan 03, 2010

  • Added ADB Archive initial pages

Release v2.0 - First upload:

  • Added ADB Mikapack 15
  • Added ADB ALC-4
  • Added ADB Domino range
  • Added ADB Eurodim Twin Tech and Mikado
  • New PHP includes to new pages - need to add to existing pages

Release v1.0 - First upload: May 26, 2007

  • Launch of ""
  • Added Emil Niethammer from ADB, Artistic Licence, Capture, CCT, and selected DHA
  • Fixed all missing links!

Beta v0.9 - First upload: September 20, 2006

  • Beta launch of ""
  • Got rid of frame-based site
  • Introduced PHP to include common items
  • FAQ, Reference, Light Relief, and ADB sections incorporated
  • Removed other product sections (a shame - a lot of time had gone in to them)
  • Selected other sections to follow though...
  • Added right-hand update box
  • Added Helpdesk software

Prior release v6.5b - First upload: September 05, 2005

  • Added 'Buy Now' and 'Add To Cart' buttons and code on selected product pages; simple payments via PayPal
  • Added complete Online Shop pages using PayPal (lots of messing around)
  • Created new frameset for Online Shop
  • Changed Online Shop to open in target="_top" for clarity
  • Added DAP Audio 100volt control equipment
  • Added selected DAP Audio mixers and StageCubes
  • Added Robert Juliat Super Korrigan
  • Updated alternate HTML menu for use with 'scripts disabled'
  • Updated LightProcessor products
  • Added more DAP Audio Extra products, cables, and headphones
  • Added further Showtec DJ effects, strobes, and LEDs
  • Added pages for Martin Audio AQ Series
  • Added new ARRI and Jem products; removed discontinued lines
  • Added Yamaha XP Series & removed PC-N Series amplifiers
  • Added a 'Pay Now' button for online credit card payments
  • Added new James Thomas Pixel range products
  • Moved Martin Audio discontinued lines and products
  • Removed Capture visualisation software
  • Added DAP Audio categories and products to existing speakers
  • Resized tile images for lower resolution screens
  • Added new products after PLASA 2005
  • Added Robe multimedia products
  • Created workaround PayPal 'return' and 'cancel' pages to prevent operational errors on return
  • Added mouseover events for PayPal buttons
  • Added EntTec Datagate & Ethergate Mk2
  • Updated LightFactory product pages
  • Added PayPal 'Buy Now' & 'Add To Cart' on selected products

Prior release v6.5a - First upload: July 14, 2005

  • Reached 2580 html pages and over 5930 URLs [15.08.2005]
  • Added LightFactory FAQs
  • Increased top frame heights by 5px to prevent scrollbars in Mac IE
  • Modified ISIS SSC Tips and FAQs to use new drop-down answer structure
  • Modified Capture FAQs to use new drop-down answer structure
  • Updated Capture pages for new Capture 2005 software
  • Added Showtec PDUs and PDU selector page
  • Added Spotlight's TV, architectural and special luminaires
  • Created Spotlight srl pages and initially added theatre luminaires
  • Added special ADB Clearance stock separate from Bargain Basement
  • Updated Compulite SSC area with Rave, Spark, Ovation4D, and CompuDIM material
  • Changed all 'Top' menu bars to new table structure for compatibility
    (Particularly with PC Netscape and Mac browsers)
  • Removed "Compulite Montage" and created new 'tiles' for quick links
    These may eventually be randomised.

Prior release v6.5 - First upload: January 07, 2005

  • Moved obsolete CCT LIghting products, following management buy-out
  • Added Martin Professional MAC700 Profile and reference information
  • Created new Compulite Support Section and added Dlite information
  • Added Yamaha StagePas™ 300 system
  • Added DAP Audio AX Series products
  • Added new MAC 700 preliminary information
  • Added Showtec LED products
  • Added new Showtec economy lighting stands
  • Updated ISIS Support Area with all known software versions
  • Added LightFactory software specifications
  • Added DAP Audio section and K series loudspeakers
  • Added LightFactory software and USB hardware
  • Added Robe ImageSpot 250 AT Architectural projector
  • Added new Robe ColorWash 250AT and 575AT family
  • Added ADB ISIS Video Node!
  • Added Showtec family of products
  • Added Formula Sound AT-1 controller
  • Added Doughty Studio Stands
  • Added initial pages for Doughty Clamps and Boom Arms
  • Added Showtec ellipsoidal economy theatre spotlights
  • Added ETC SmartPack, SmartBar and SmartModule dimmers (CE versions)
  • Added link to new Google map function at
  • Added Martin Inground 200 architectural fixture
  • Added Yamaha Add-On Effects new packages (Surround Post & Vintage Stomp)
  • Added new Yamaha products - Installation Series speakers and PC-1N & X-Series amplifiers
  • Added new Yamaha products - MX Series and new EMX series mixers
  • Created new Yamaha powered mixers page
  • Added new info for Capture DMX box, CDS LanBox, and connecting Avo consoles
  • Updated Artistic Licence products and added AL Accessories
  • Added new Martin Mania SCX500 scanner and DC3 effect
  • Updated capture software v3.0.30 and fixtures list
  • Reinserted discontinued items, with links to Discontinued Section for details
  • Moved Zero 88 Chilli Jr to Discontinued items
  • Updated Martin Professional Xciter
  • Added Harmonised Cable Codes ID information to Reference
  • Added picture of GT to gallery
  • Updated ETC Revolution information
  • Added Martin Audio AQ Series family page
  • Added some more Misc reference information
  • Added Compulite Ovation and MIDI pages to SSC area
  • Added Rosco cleaning products and MSDS data
  • Added Martin MAC 250 family datasheets
  • Added Utilities to Compulite and Main SSC pages
  • Updated Compulite Whisper colour changers information
  • Created image selection for Compulite Dlite and SparkTOP console pages
  • Added new HSE documents section in Reference and adjusted categories
  • Added new Dlite family pictures and added image selector
  • Added Yamaha MSR400 & MSR800W powered speakers and reorganised categories
  • Added SSC Guide to Strand Genius Pro software
  • Fixed missing ADB Warp Spec Sheet link
  • Amended reference intro page
  • Added new Martin MAC250 Wash
  • Moved Robert Juliat Foxie & Marius to discontinued items
  • Added Martin Ego x5 and x6
  • Removed Capture download software on request; added download link instead
  • Updated Compulite Dlite with new pictures
  • Added Martin Stage Cyclo
  • Added Rosco I-Cue
  • Added Yamaha EMX portable powered mixers
  • Added Neutrik StageBox system
  • Added phone number to EnlFrame.htm title!
  • Added Stonewood Audio comms and SM products
  • Amended More Sound pages etc
  • Updated Vari*Lite spec sheets and added VL2500 and VL3500 data
  • Moved Artistic Licence CFN60 to discontinued lines
  • Added Formula Sound noise control products
  • Added Tascam Record and Replay audio products and specification sheets
  • Added Robe CT moving heads and reference information
  • Added Zarges Skymaster access ladders and reference
  • Added Art-Merge software
  • Added ARRI Compact 12000
  • Added MSL Firecheck
  • Added MSDS for Jem fluids
  • Updated connector wiring details and added Reyrolle :)
  • Added Martin Mania EF3 and updated other Mania EF descriptions
  • Added Martin Cyclo Directional
  • Updated High End Systems products to reflect discontinued lines
  • Added initial Service & Inspection page to Service area
  • Added Skyhigh Stage FX product and info pages (but no specification sheets yet)
  • Added Xtend & Climb telescopic ladder to Accessories
  • Created Skyhigh Stage FX initial products page
  • Fixed a few typo errors
  • New Year, new website version ;-)

Prior release v6.4 - First upload: March 12, 2004

  • Added Skyhigh FX pyrotechnics initial page
  • Added Headphones, Comms, Accessibility and Pyrotechnics headings to Menu
  • Added Artistic Licence Light-Switch
  • Fixed missing anchor termination for Martin Audio controllers (Netscape issue)
  • Added basic Spec Sheets for Yamaha Digital Mixers
  • Removed "What's New" from menu - it isn't really needed and is not updated often enough
    Will put new items in the monthly news page instead :)
  • Started revising all DMX channel allocation pages, following Reference section restructure
  • Added Sennheiser Evolution headphones
  • Updated all Sennheiser pages
  • Added Sennhesier e900 series microphones
  • Re-organised Sennheiser Evolution microphones according to Series numbers
  • Added Sennheiser e614 microphone
  • Reached 1300 html pages, plus over 2200 images, giving over 3575 internal website URLs [13.12.2004]
  • Added Sennheiser IR accessories
  • Reorganised Technical Reference section due to amount of information
  • Added IEC types in Reference section
  • Added Sennheiser IR product pages
  • Removed inappropriate links on the hire pages
  • Corrected a problem with the news pages links after being overzealous with optimising
  • Modified a few bits and pieces in the Light Relief section
  • Corrected a few formatting errors after changing the black CSS
  • Added Sennheiser IR audio transmission systems overview
  • Updated Sennheiser Evolution product selector application guide
  • Added Paradime wall-mount specifications
  • Added Martin wireless DMX distribution systems
  • Added Capture LanBox-LCX interface page
  • Added Capture FAQ page
  • Added Paradime rack-mount specifications
  • Added Rosco paints and coatings specification sheets
  • Updated Bargain Basement lighting controls
  • Added Rosco Designer Products section
  • Added Job Title Generator to Fun Stuff section when I was bored
  • Added Rosco coatings and paints
  • Added DHA Y-splitter cable diagram
  • Added Rosco Scenic Products page
  • Added Zero 88 Alcora and Elara control desks
  • Added Image Randomizer on Reception page
  • Added Quotation Request form and modified Info Request form
  • Updated custom error pages after Zetnet hosting advice
  • Added Sennhesier Evolution e840 wired mic to range
  • Updated Sennheiser Evolution wireless systems
  • Added remaining Zero 88 Frog consoles and Level desks
  • Updated UK list pricing PDF files
  • Added Frog and Fat Frog pages and datasheets
  • Created Zero 88 control section and added Level and Frog links
  • Added Yamaha Add-On Effects and YGDAI cards for digital consoles
  • Updated Yamaha 01V96 and 02R96 digital consoles
  • Added Yamaha DM1000 and DM2000 digital consoles
  • Split Yamaha mixers in to Analogue and Digital sections
  • Added Yamaha 01V and 03D products to discontinued lines
  • Updated Artistic Licence DMX-Dongle II
  • Added Yamaha AS108 II loudspeaker
  • Updated Catalyst for software-only versions, together with comparison/reference pages
  • Split Conversion Data into separate pages for future expansion
  • Updated menu links for Main Area
  • Added Zero 88 price list
  • Added Yamaha amplifier network products and CobraNet™ information
  • Added information on Yamaha EEEngine
  • Added Yamaha P Series specification sheet
  • Added Yamaha loudspeaker brackets page
  • Added Spec Sheets for Yamaha MG series mixers
  • Linked all available price lists to Manufacturer Overview pages
  • Added Robe & Yamaha Price Lists
  • Updated Martin Show Designer information
  • Updated HES Catalyst system information
  • Added HES DL2 projector head
  • Added Zero 88 Chilli-Net controllers
  • Added Zero 88 Chilli / Chilli Pro spec sheets
  • Added Vari*Lite history
  • Updated High End moving heads
  • Added VL2500 luminaires and introduced separate pages for each VL product
  • Updated Capture info and added list of fixtures in v3.0.25
  • Added Zero 88 dimmer products
  • Updated Martin Mania range
  • Added Zero 88 Section and Dimmers page
  • Added Yamaha Club C Series V loudspeakers
  • Added Yamaha MLA8 head unit
  • Added Yamaha Powered Studio Monitors page to existing MSP10
  • Added Yamaha Powered SR range loudspeakers
  • Added Doughty Followspot Stands
  • Added introduction to Doughty Equipment Stands and Clamps
  • Added Doughty Music Stands
  • Added Robe DJ Effects complete with DMX data and specifications
  • Added Robe moving mirror scanners complete with DMX data and specifications
  • Ran Xenu Link Sleuth and corrected missing/broken links
  • Updated Conversion reference
  • Added Robe ColorMix colour changers complete with DMX data and specifications
  • Added Robe 150/160 and 250 XT products complete with DMX data and specifications
  • Split Robe moving heads into XT and AT ranges
  • Added Main Service section (restricetd data)
  • Added new Yamaha MG8/2FX and MG12/4FX mixers
  • Added new Pixel range products to James Thomas
  • Updated Sennheiser G2 wireless systems
  • Added Yamaha Club S Series V loudspeakers
  • Updated IP ratings to include mechanical protection (third number)
  • Updated Capture demo to v3.0.24
  • Added CCT followspots page and Freedom followspot
  • Added Artistic Licence Jump-Start
  • Moved RJ Margot to Obsolete Items
  • Added Robert Juliat Ginger & Alex TH followspots
  • Added SSC CompuRACK basic information
  • Added Robe ColoSpot 250AT DMX Allocations
  • Added Robe ColoSpot 250AT
  • Added Vari*Lite VL3500 spotlight
  • Added Vector Remote Panels
  • Added Vector iControl remote control unit
  • Updated Vector information to include Vector Green and latest software developments
  • Added Compulite Dlite family
  • First attempt at wap pages (/wap)
  • Added PLASA 2004 information
  • Updated Capture supported desks and hardware
  • Added Robe Moving Mirror / Scans intro page
  • Created Robe products section with Moving Heads
  • Added key reference list
  • Updated 101 Uses for Gaffer
  • Added Martin Main PR1 DJ effect
  • Added CCT Pursuit link to Followspots
  • Updated Site Search to v1.6 - updated file to include page rankings
  • Added Bargain Basement link to site reception
  • Added DHA GoboTop image projector
  • Added DHA Gecko and Chameleon image projectors and accessories
  • Added CCT Freedom discharge ballast
  • Modified Menu Headings to be more descriptive
  • Added UDF Installation Instructions to ISIS Support Area
  • Added Robe Colorspot 250AT definition file to ISIS Support Area
  • Updated info for AL CuePatch 1024 and moved CuePatch 512 to Discontinued items
  • Added Alien Accessories to Martin Architectural
  • Moved HES xSpot & xSpot-HO products to Discontinued Items
  • Added download for Capture Demo software
  • Updated Search details with new manufacturers
  • Updated CCT 1kW & 2kW datasheets
  • Added DHA Lighting Section with Gobo Search! facility
  • Updated some Compulite Accessories pages and thumbnail images
  • Updated Index page
  • Updated datafile for site serach engine
  • Added direct access pages "/rave" etc
  • Re-arranged core markets in priority order
  • Added Mini-DIN10 in reference section; updated other Mini-DIN & SCART connectors
  • Added new scripts (passing values) for Copyright and Mailing info in footer
    Must get round to updating all the pages :-(
  • Updated Compulite backup systems information following confirmation of data
  • Unmasked Capture pages
  • Added new gallery pictures
  • Drafted Capture pages and masked them prior to approval
  • Added DMX channel allocations for ETC Source Four Revolution
  • Added datasheets for ETC Source Four spotlights
  • Corrected data in Yamaha MG12/4 mixer page
  • Added Key Features for Photon, Spark Family, Micron4D, Ovation4D and Sabre systems
  • Updated Compulite Rave information and added Rave Key Features
  • Added javascript for "Compulite Montage" to resize image dependant on window size
    This prevents the image from being 'cut-off' at the bottom and lookin cr@p on low-resolution monitors
  • Corrected duplicate area bug with deletion of "prod/obsolete"; added auto redirect to "../obsolete"
  • Added CP to manufacturer's list
  • Fixed bug where I'd forgotten to upload Clay Paky projection area!
  • Updated on-line hire equipment pricing
  • Added Yamaha 01V and 03D digital mixers
  • Added ETC Source Four fixtures
  • Added Martin Audio Blackline H3H loudspeaker
  • Added torches, tools and other accessories to Accessories
  • Added Telrad to Accessories
  • Created Accessories section
  • Added Known Issues page to site search engine
  • Added MC-X controller to Martin Professional page from Martin Architectural
  • Updated Compulite Vector page
  • Added new LED fixtures section for Artistic Licence
  • Updated Artistic Licence pictures and text
  • Added ballast weights to Robert Juliat followspots and updated this section's HTML
  • Updated CCT Freedom range information
  • Added Doughty Six Track.
  • Created new Image Projection section under Lighting and changed information in Service folder.
  • Finally added hard links to Accessories introduction table after report of problem with drop-down menu.
  • Changed Accessories tables to full width to suit new layout.
  • Fixed a typo (!) on the news scroller.

Prior release v6.3a - First upload:


Prior release v6.3 - First upload: February 2004

  • New sliding menu system after tests on MAC proved unreliable
  • Did a lot of tweaking for MAC compatibility
  • Created two menus for MAC/PC use
  • Created two What's New pages for MAC/PC use

Prior release v6.2 - First upload: February 2004


Prior release v6.1 - First upload: Not uploaded

  • Added Compulite product range
  • Changed frames to include static right-hand column
  • Added Latest News Scroller javascript

Prior release v6.0 - First upload: Not uploaded

  • New sliding menu system using javascript
  • Menu split into product categories to aid navigation

Prior release v5.1 - First upload:


Prior release v5.0a - First upload: July 2003

  • Created "stamp" graphics for homepage links
  • Added ISIS Support Area for registered customers
  • Added Showfile Conversion section
  • Added Discontinued Items section

Prior release v5.0 - First upload: June 2003

  • Incorporated menu system from v4.99 beta
  • Added Search function

Prior beta v4.99 - First upload: Not uploaded

  • Slightly changed layout of frames and experimented with colours
  • Created new menu system to match printed price lists etc
  • Ordered menu alphabetically by manufacturer, instead of product types

Prior release v4.2 - First upload:

  • Added ARRI section
  • Added LightProcessor section
  • Added Martin Professional section
  • Added Jem section
  • Added Training section (kind of)
  • Tightened up the frames to try and gain some extra screen space

Prior release v4.1 - First upload:

  • Removed nasty spinning graphics from homepage
  • Added James Thomas section
  • Added Image Projection section
  • Added Hire Rates section
  • Created Product of the Day!
  • Added the Gallery
  • Added link to ADB Archive

Prior release v4.0 - First upload:


Prior release v3.5 - First upload: May 2002

Prior release v3.4 - First upload: May 2002

  • Added Niethammer section
  • Added Vari*Lite section
  • Added Special Offers page
  • Added Clearance Items page
  • Created some linking spinning graphics on the home page

Prior beta v3.3 - First upload: May 2002

No discernable change notes

Prior beta v3.2 - First upload: May 2002

No discernable change notes

Prior release v3.1 - First upload: October 2001

  • Added Rainbow colour changers section
  • Improved menu graphics for newer sections

Prior release v3.0 - First upload: January 2000

  • Celebrating 5 Years, apparently
  • Big change for folder structure: created directories for all main areas and products
    (took ages to get the links working on every page following this!)
  • Also required removal of "Images" directory and distribution of pictures
  • Greyed-out Hire/Service and Project/Sales
  • Added Martin Audio section
  • Added Robert Juliat followspots, in a selective, generalised way
  • Changed 'To Top' arrow graphic (on every page) with rollover effect
  • Masked Y2K section from menu (too late now...!)
  • Added Light Relief overview, Facts&Figures, Proverbs, Genesis and the Bar

Prior release v2.0 - First upload: January 1999

  • New shadow graphic for index front page
  • Added Site Map (very clever at the time :-)
  • Added What's New section (ISIS v1.20, since you ask)
  • Re-inserted Product Overview, which I'd inexplicably removed in the previous Beta version
  • Inserted Hire & Service and Projects & Sales in the menu, but no links
  • For some reason added annoying pop-up alerts in unfinished sections
  • Added Light Relief section when I was bored (yeah!)

Prior beta v1.99 - First upload: January 1999

  • Changed graphics from "Entertainment Lighting" to "Entertainment Technology"
  • Tarted up menu images (with shadow)
  • Removed CCT & Martin Audio sections from display
  • Created "highend" folder under frames directory - the first product directory
    (All other pages were still in one folder called "Frames" & all images in another folder called "Images"!
  • Added introduction pages to High End Systems section

Prior beta v1.98 - First upload: January 1999

  • Added graphic to index front page
  • Split original frame design up into more complex framesets
  • Created animated GIF for logo in separate frame
  • Inserted contact info in separate frame
  • Updated menu to a more graphical design
  • Created sections for ADB, Artistic Licence, CCT, Doughty, High End & Martin Audio
  • Created spec sheets for ADB products
  • Added Information Request form
  • Added site index
  • Added Theatre Basics section
  • Added Reference section
  • Added Services section but didn't do anything with it yet
  • Added Y2K section with latest product information
  • Inserted 'fancy' section headings using CSS positioning (they're still there in v6.4!)

Prior release v1.0 - First upload: August 13, 1998

  • First "Official release" of website
  • Created frame based design (2 frames) with left-hand menu and main page
  • Added pages for More Products
  • Seperate folder for no-frames site
  • Seperate folder for all images

Prior release v0.6 - First upload: June, 1998

  • Added links to the top of each page to help navigation to any other page
  • Got rid of "spinning arrows" after feedback from ADB!

Prior beta v0.5 - First upload: May 29, 1998

  • Initial beta for internal evaluation purposes
  • Published to the web for off-site testing ;-> (don't tell anyone)
  • Site consisted of 7 pages
  • Utilised "spinning arrows" for next and prev pages

Prior beta v0.1 - First upload: Not uploaded

  • Initial play with HTML coding
  • Spent a while learning how to write HTML!
  • See also:

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