ISIS ADB Pool: Instrument Definition Updates

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Since ISISPLUS v2.44, it has been possible to update the built-in ADB Pool of instrument definitions. A periodic update is provided, which provides definition files for new fixtures and instruments, as well as modifications and enhancements to existing definitions.


To update the ADB Pool of definitions, use the menu command in ISISPLUS software:

The process is simple, and does not require the system to be restarted or saved. Any existing custom-made fixtures will still be available in the User Pool and will not be removed.


The latest ADB Pool of definitions should be downloaded (see below) and transferred to the ISIS system using a USB memory stick:

ADBLIB definitions

  ISIS Instrument Definitions/Personalities Release History
VersionRelease dateStatusNotes
2February 05, 2010PUBLIC29 added or modified fixtures, including ADB ALC4
1April 09, 2008PUBLIC21 added or modified fixtures, including ADB Warp/Daylight

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