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Showfile Translation & Conversion

Floppy is able to translate shows from several manufacturers lighting systems into ISIS format, for use by ADB ISIS customers. The most common requirement is to translate a Strand 500 Series show into ISIS format. It is also possible to translate an ISIS show into an alternate format for touring applications.

Conversion from the ISIS format is normally free-of-charge. Conversion to the ISIS format may incur a small charge. Lead-time is normally 7-10 days, but it is possible to perform this service on a same-day basis.

If you have a showfile that requires converting, please the file with your details. It will speed up the process greatly if you can also provide the following information on your email:

  • A contact telephone number in case of queries
  • The name of the show and/or company
  • When the translation is required
  • The type of desk the show was created on (eg: Strand 530, etc)
  • The software version that the show was created in (eg: GeniusPro v2.6g)
  • The approximate number of cues
  • Any other specific information

Note that the translation software currently converts cue (memory) information [generic channel intensities, fade times and text labels], groups [channel numbers] and submasters [generic contents only]. In addition, up to ten simple chasers or effects will also be translated. It does not have the provision for converting moving light attributes in memories etc.

Please contact us for further details.

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