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ISIS USB Software

ISISIt is now possible to install ISISplus software and the Linux OS on a console using a USB memory stick. This is probably the easiest way to upgrade Mentor consoles, as there is no CD drive.


To install ISIS or/and Linux from a USB Memory Stick, you must execute the following steps:

On a Windows© computer:

  1. Insert the ISIS CD Rom
  2. Go to the 'Floppy' directory
  3. Prepare a floppy disk in the drive
  4. Execute the BOOTUSBCD.EXE file: this will create a bootable floppy disk
  5. Insert the USB Stick (Note: The USB Stick must be formatted with FAT or FAT32 file system)
  6. Copy the USB_ISIS.ZIP file to the USB Stick - this should either be in the root of the memory stick, or in a directory named USB_ISIS (as you prefer)

On the ISIS Target console:

  1. Insert the newly created floppy disk
  2. Power on the console¹
  3. When prompted to connect the target device, plug in the USB Stick and press ENTER
  4. After the final booting operation, you will be able to install Linux or ISIS as required

¹ Note: Many computers/consoles do not boot properly if the USB Stick is plugged in during initial power on. We suggest waiting until prompted before inserting your USB Stick.

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