Warp/M personality files

Floppy DiskWelcome to the ADB Warp/M fixture download page.

Many lighting control consoles allow pre-defined fixture definitions to be imported into the software, allowing easy control of complicated DMX instruments.

A number of these 'personality files' have been created for the ADB Warp/M fixtures, allowing straightforward control on your lighting control system.

The personality files below are available 'as is' and techref.info has not necessarily had the opportunity to check all the details. If you find anything very useful or if you change details for a particular personality definition, you may want to with us and the rest of the lighting world.

It would be great if you could send some about how the Warp/M worked for you.

The zip files below will need umcompressing before use on your lighting control system. Please refer to your user manual for specific help on importing and using fixture definitions. Click each link to open the file in a new window, or right-click and use the "Save As" option to save the file.

  ADB Warp/M personality definition files
Control platform Type Date Size Link
Strand Genius 520 console .ssf showfile October 28, 2009 66 kB ADBwarp
Strand Genius 520 Fixture Library zip October 28, 2009 13 kB Warp-Strand-500
Compulite Spark 4D zip October 28, 2009 353 kB Warp-4D
Compulite Vector zip October 28, 2009 233 kB Warp-Vector
Avolites zip October 28, 2009 4 kB Warp-Avo
MA Lighting zip October 28, 2009 4 kB Warp-MA
Wholehog 2 zip October 28, 2009 23 kB Warp-Hog2
Wholehog 3 zip October 28, 2009 2,981 kB Warp-Hog3

Please contact us for further details or use our on-line Helpdesk.

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