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ADB Mentor/XT: memory lighting control desk

Mentor/XT control systems
Mentor/XT lighting desk
512/1024/2048 channel with motion control
Shown with optional fader extension modules

Mentor/XT is a top-end alternative to the successful Mentor lighting control desk first introduced in 2005. The "4 desks in 1" concept has been very much enhanced with the addition of a state-of-the-art motion control section and a flexible 48, 72, or 96 submaster capability.

The Mentor/XT runs the same ISISPLUS® software that powers the other members of the ISIS-based console family, including the original Mentor and Phoenix/XT range of control systems. The Mentor/XT is available in 512, 1024, or 2048 control channels (instruments), patchable to any of 16 universes.

The desk features 48 on-board submasters/faders, providing the operator instant access to the 96 available submasters (two pages of 48). The faders can also be operated in manual preset mode - offering direct control of channel intensities, or in the unique "Unfold" function - which allocates instrument parameters to the faders for easy control.

Mentor/XT offers powerful motion control functions, and includes a built-in 7-colour trackball and 4 encoding wheels with displays. These dedicated facilities offer fast, convenient adjustment of pan & tilt and all other parameters of each instrument.

Mentor/XT is an all-in-one, portable system, ideal for touring or for applications where the lighting desk is frequently moved. The desk does not require an external monitor, as all output information and other data can be displayed via the on-board touch-screen. Upto four SVGA monitor outputs are provided, should external monitors be preferred.

Mentor/XT extension module

In addition to the 48 on-board submaster faders, Mentor/XT offers direct access to more of the available submasters, by utilising either one or two submaster extension modules, each providing an additional 24 faders with selection buttons and flashkeys. The extension module can be mounted directly to the Mentor/XT console. Alternatively, the Mentor extension wings are compatible.

The faders can also be used to control output channels directly, thus serving as a manual control system where required. Up to 120 channels can be simultaneously controlled in this way, with channel paging to allow adjustment of the maximum number of control channels. The standard Mentor/XT with 48 faders can be used to control pages of 48 channels simultaneously.

Full Ethernet capability is included with Mentor/XT, and it can be used on the ADB Ethernet network. Lighting takes on a whole new dimension when you can network multiple nodes such as desks, dimmers, Video nodes, and visualisation programmes such as Capture, into the ADB Ethernet network.

Remote control of the Mentor/XT is provided via the optional wireless Wi-Fi remote, or the HF radio remote system.

The greatly improved performance level, flexibility, and ease of use should make of Mentor/XT the most rewarding choice of discerning users for theatre, television, musical and touring applications: 4 desks in 1!

Mentor extension wingIdeally suited for

Small to the largest theatre
Art centres & schools
TV Studios
Concert halls
Multi-purpose venues
Repertory-style venues
Live events
Back-up desk

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