ADB Mikapack 15: 6-channel dimmer pack

ADB Mikapack 15 dimmer pack
Mikapack 15 dimmer pack
6-channel 2U rackmount or portable dimmer
DMX control or stand-alone operation
16 memories & 6 pre-programmed chases
Range of output connectors

The ADB Mikapack 15 is a 6-channel compact portable dimmer built in a 19" rack only 2 Units high. The weight of the dimmer unit is only 10.3kg.

Mikapack 15 front panelThe Mikapack 15 features an intuitive but very powerful user interface. Four individual control buttons and a backlight LCD screen with 2 lines of 8 characters allow for easy programming and checking of the dimmer status. There are also additional LED indicators to monitor the supply phases, status of control signal and processor and even the output of each individual channel is displayed clearly on the front panel. This will allow seeing immediately if any dimmer channel is active.

The operator can either setup a start DMX address for the entire Mikapack or each channel may be assigned and individual DMX address to freely configure complex systems.

Each dimmer channel may be assigned up to 9 different dimmer curves one of which is user defined. Besides that each dimmer may be assigned a Pre-Heat value and a maximum output value.

For stand alone applications, up to 16 lighting cues and 6 factory pre-programmed chasers with 6 different intensity levels are available. The Mikapack can be used for applications where an extra control desk may not be applicable. The memories are easily programmed on the user interface of the dimmer, or the DMX values can be recorded on the fly.

Mikapack 15 rear panel

There is a range of common European connectors (CEBEC, Schuko, CEE, UK and Swiss Connectors) available and for fixed installations in racks a terminal connector strip can also be supplied for the first time. The mobile units are supplied with a three phase ground and neutral power supply cable of 4 sqmm on an open end. The fixed installation version with the terminal strip is supplied without any supply cable.

Optionally, a carrying handle allows use as a portable pack, or a truss clamping kit for distributed dimming solutions can be used when the dimmer is to be hung in a truss.


Launched in October 2009.

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