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Capture 2005 new features

The new Capture 2005 software builds on the previous product Capture 3.0, and adds numerous enhancements and new and exciting features. Capture 2005 is available in two versions - Basic and Enhanced.

The Basic package provides all the tools needed to create a lighting design in realtime and visualise the results. The Enhanced package adds further functionailty for the most demanding user - such as DMX-controllable views for powerful pre-programming, full import and export of DWG and DXF files, and controls for automation of truss and other objects.

Capture 2005 Basic Edition

The new functions below are available in the Capture Basic edition software.

Support for international characters and translation

Capture 2005 is fully Unicode compliant, which means that it is possible to use with international character sets such as Greek, Russian or Chinese. In addition, Capture 2005 comes fully translated into several languages.

Capture language example

If you wish, you can easily translate Capture into your language and send it to us. We will then add it to future releases, featuring your name in the splash screen as the translator!

New style simulator views

The new simulator views in Capture 2005 have been designed to better adapt to your desktop:

  • Automatic scaling with the main window
  • Easy maximization
  • Undocking ability for placement on other screens, a valuable tool on multi-monitor setups.

Reworked navigation interface

The navigation been greatly revised and become extremely powerful:

  • Modeless operation with all function accessible using the left mouse button at all times
  • Fully inclusive and partially inclusive drag-box selection (left-to-right contra right-to-left drag sensitive)
  • Easier grabbing for translation using the entire "selected red region" rather than the objects wireframe which can be hard to hit
  • New method of rotation using a rotation anchor, with the possibility to define the center of rotation
  • Live in-place translation/rotation information
  • Easier translation/rotation by value
  • New quick-access button in connection with the "selected red region" for fast operations and information/summary functions.

Improved object property concept

In Capture 3.0, only a few properties were possible to modify for a selection of multiple objects. In Capture 2005, all properties are available for all objects in any selection, and what's better, they are always editable!

Scene support

Capture 2005 features a new scene concept. You can create any number of named scenes, in which all objects can have a different position or be excluded. If you choose to work with scenes, there is always a current scene which you are working in and you can easily switch to a different scene through a double click in the design tab of the project properties window. In order to restore hidden objects there is a per-view option to show hidden objects, which are then presented in a translucent manner.

Fixture 2D plot symbols

In Capture 2005 we have updated the library with 2D symbols for all fixtures according to the latest USITT RP-2 "Recommended Practice for Theatrical Design Graphics". This greatly improves the clarity of all plots!

The new plot mode

Capture 3.0 featured the "CAD" and "Live" view modes. In Capture 2005 we have added a unique "Paper" mode that shows all views as they would look in a plot. In addition, you are allowed to freely move or rotate all objects and 2D fixture symbols individually for top, front and perspective views so that you can make plot-only adjustments. These adjustments will also follow your actions in CAD or Live modes and persist.


Capture 2005 Extended Edition features

The new functions below are available only in the Capture Extended edition software.

Full DWG and DXF import/export

Capture Sweden have joined the OpenDWG alliance in order to bring you ful DWG and DXF compatibility. The home-built DXF support from Capture 3.0 has been fully removed as it became too difficult and costly to maintain.

Remote patchable control of views

All three views can be individually patched to any DMX universe for console remote control. This way you can change the camera view and visual settings from the console when preprogramming without having to reach for the computer's mouse. In addition it also allows you to simulate camera motions.

Moving set and truss

Capture 2005 features a number of "motion controller". All objects may be controlled by a motion controller and motion controllers can be chained (such as an elevator standing on an elevator). Object live positions are then shown in "Live" mode views with lighting fixtures simulated accurately as they are moved on a flybar or rotating stage piece.

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