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ADB Dimmer Manager Software

This area provides detais of the lastest public releases of the Dimmer Manager software, information on beta software, and any known issues and workarounds.

Dimmer Manager software is free of charge. However, on-line operation requires a Dimmer Manager Kit comprising of a Netport/XT.

The current official software releases are given below.

  Dimmer Manager Software
 Current ReleasePrevious ReleasePrior Release
Platform Version Build Version Build Version Build
Windows v1.15 b86 v1.15 b83 v1.14 b81

  Dimmer Manager Software Release History
VersionBuildRelease dateStatusNotes
v1.15b85March 11, 2008PUBLICMultiply factor at zero when modifying patch (correction); Memopack 30 (3x 12kW) configuration
v1.15b84October 19, 2007BetaIncludes French & Italian language
v1.15b83March 22, 2007PUBLIC-
v1.14b81April 12, 2006PUBLICAdds Eurodim 3 configuration
v1.13b79November 14, 2005BetaFix error message for MP15 with 3 channels
v1.13b77February 11, 2004PUBLICAdd dimmer law graphics
v1.13b76November 14, 2003PUBLICCheck IP address and subnet
v1.12b75October 29, 2003PUBLICUse release 3.2.2 of QT
v1.12b74October 27, 2003PUBLICUse release 3.1.2 of QT
v1.11b73May 27, 2003PUBLICFix bug on production test
v1.11b72March 05, 2003PUBLIC 
v1.10b70December 19, 2002PUBLIC 
v1.10b69December 11, 2002Beta 
v1.10b67November 21, 2002Beta 
v1.10b60October 10, 2002Beta 
v1.10b57September 27, 2002Beta 

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